Our Name

Amara is the English nickname for the flower name Amaranth, meaning “unfading” or “immortal”. In Greek mythology, the flower Amaranth grew on Mount Olympus, where it never died. We named our studio gallery after this flower to reflect our belief that both art and yoga help keep us vital in mind, body, and spirit.

About Us

Amara Yoga & Arts was founded by Champaign native Theresa Brandabur, Studio Director, and Urbana resident Kathryn Fitzgerald, Art Director. After moving back to the midwest from California, these two long-time friends teamed up to create a vibrant space that is both a premiere multidisciplinary yoga studio and a community art center.

"When I started yoga, I not only fell hard for the practice, but I also loved the studio where I was introduced to yoga. I felt at home and comfortable there, but I also felt cared for in a way I never expected. With Amara, we have tried to create a place that gives people that kind of experience. So we selected our teachers and designed our studio with that in mind. And when one of our students tells me that the thought of coming back to yoga got them through cancer surgery or that yoga helped them survive the grief of losing a loved one, or that Amara is their 'yoga home', I feel like we succeeded."

– Theresa Brandabur, Studio Director

"I believe that yoga and art are for everyone and that they both offer powerful transformative and healing experiences. I have seen this in my work teaching art and yoga for kids in a specialized educational environment, and I wanted to bring these activities to the community at large. Our intention for Amara has been to include programming for everyone - families, kids, students, adults, expectant mothers and even infants!"

– Kathryn Fitzgerald, Art Director