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Yoga 101 & Yoga 102 Workshops - If you've been curious about yoga but hesitant to join an ongoing class, our Yoga 101 and Yoga 102 workshops are designed for you! In Yoga 101 we will touch on the background and philosophy of yoga, the fundamental components of a yoga class, and styles of yoga. We will learn some basic yoga poses typically found in a yoga class. In Yoga 102 we will explore yogic breathing practices and work on refining and connecting the poses together in a sequence, including the sun salutation. Yoga 101 comes with a week of UNLIMITED yoga for new students. Held periodically - attend one or both. Click here to see our Yoga 101 & Yoga 102 schedule.

Yoga Fundamentals - This class is designed to introduce new and continuing students to the fundamentals of yoga and prepare students for mixed level group classes. The class will provide instruction in the basic understanding of breathing (pranayama), sun salutations and poses (asanas), alignment, standing and seated postures, with a different emphasis each session. The teacher will assist students with alignment and suggest variations allowing each student to practice at a suitable level.

New! Intro to Hot Flow- Join us for a fun, dynamic and creative vinyasa flow class in a gently heated studio. Intro to Hot Flow will cover the basics of yoga, so beginners are encouraged to attend! Expect to sweat and lose yourself in a class blending meditation with breathing and flowing yoga movements. This class will help you let go of stress - a complete mind-body experience!.

Gentle Yoga - This class offers a slow and gentle approach to make yoga more accessible everyone regardless of age or physical ability. Postures will be modified with props such as blocks, blankets, chairs and straps to accommodate you where you are, allowing you to find a safe and comfortable position. This is a slower paced class focusing on stretching to release tension while increasing circulation and flexibility. All levels including people with physical limitations - beginners welcome.

Yoga Flow - This low to moderate intensity vinyasa flow yoga class will offer a solid foundation in basic asanas (poses) and begin to familiarize students with the yoga language and Sanskrit terms. Students will learn about setting intentions for a meditative practice, and will emphasize the development of poise, flexibility, balance, and strength. Students will learn to transition from pose to pose with fluidity and balance, in conjunction with the breath. Explore a variation of the practice with each Amara teacher. Everyone including beginners is welcome in this class.

Restorative Yoga – These soothing and well-supported poses offer us the opportunity to linger quietly for a few moments. Restorative yoga has a particular ability to leave us feeling nourished, cared for and well rested. These postures are usually supported by props and are held for several minutes at a time. Modifications of postures are demonstrated as they are needed. Often there is an emphasis on the meditative qualities of yoga. The class is also appropriate for seniors and anyone who has particular health issues or limitations. Join anytime. Come open your spirit and savor the simple sweetness of life.

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