We consider ourselves lucky to boast such an amazing group of yoga teachers on our staff. Not least of which is the lovely Sophie Roney, who will be sharing a workshop on how to use yoga to build a positive relationship with food and your body. Read on for her personal experience with healing and yoga.

           I consider myself a continuous work in progress.  I have had a long battle with food starting at the age of about 13.  I struggled with severe bulimia and anorexia in high school and college.   

         True healing came for me when I made the shift from battling food, constantly thinking about the improvements I need to make to my body, to loving my body for exactly the way it is.   With practice, yoga helped me to discover that the way you treat one part of yourself is the way you treat all of it, and in turn the way you treat others.  I began making the choice to allow myself to live.  To break out of the mental pattern of thoughts that revolve around food, food to distract me from the real issues I was ignoring in my life.  Instead of using food as nourishment, I used food to emotionally soothe – Not realizing that if I numb the bad, I am also numbing the good and the great.  Since I was numbing the hurt in my life, I was also numbing my ability to experience the joys.  I was always thinking, “once I lose this 5 or 10 pounds” then I will be happy.  

          This workshop is about tools I have used to make the transition from battling my body to appreciating the genius of it.  Valuing my body for its ability to carry me around to explore the planet, enabling me to have cry, love, laugh, yell, cuddle, and connect.

I use yoga to nourish my body, my soul

To soothe my mind

To remember how perfectly I am designed

With a dedicated practice 

I transform my life 

I let go

I think positively 

I grow 

I turn mental buzz into sweet serenity 

Remembering to breathe 

To always be me 

I practice to access my inner clarity 

To love myself 

To be free 

I change my perspective 

To clearly see 

Life is about loving 

Starting with me

AuthorTheresa Brandabur