Yoga for a Blissful Back

It is common knowledge that back pain is prevalent in our society, and that too often, this pain is chronic and conventional medical treatments, while important, can only do so much. As a yoga teacher, my goal is to provide safe tools that empower individuals to have some degree of control over preventing and managing pain without them needing to spend another dime or take another pill.

Why yoga? At the philosophical foundation of yoga, is the recognition that each individual is a complex being with multiple, interacting dimensions. Yoga doesn’t try to separate out just the physical, but rather looks at the interaction between the physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the self. So when we approach pain conditions with yoga, we have the ability to address the biomechanical roots of the pain, as well as the psycho-spiritual roots of the pain. What I mean by psycho-spiritual is simply the fact that what we say to ourselves, what we believe, what we value, and how we perceive our experiences ripples into our physical body. For example, if I am chronically stress-out and see many of my experiences as threatening to my sense of self, then that will manifest itself physically, perhaps in the form of muscular tension. Within the tradition of yoga and other body-mind techniques, there is a plethora of simple tools that use this interaction of psycho-spiritual and physical to create an increased sense of well-being in the practitioner. Even if it is impossible to eliminate pain, the individual will at least be able to suffer less through the experience.

In March I’ll be leading 2 Blissful Back Yoga workshops at Amara Yoga & Arts (March 7 - Low Back and Hips and March 21 - Neck and Shoulders). We will be exploring primarily gentle, meditative movement that is intended to balance release and stability in the body. We will also discuss proper body mechanics for preventing injury. People who are new to yoga are welcome to attend.

AuthorTheresa Brandabur