This little taste of nice weather has us salivating for summer time! And we have an awesome event to celebrate the change of seasons! It's a 3 day yoga retreat on Washington Island, one of the most charming and beautiful spots in the Midwest. Taught by our very own Kelsey Bourgeois and Washington Island's Mari Anderson, this retreat is sure to fit in anyone's summer plans.

Read on for our chat with Mari about herself and the Island! 

Go HERE for more info on how to sign up. We have lodging and meals included or you can do your own thing and just join us for yoga! 


A: What is your personal connection to both yoga and Washington Island?

M: As a person who has lived on two islands for nearly twenty years, I can say that being bound by water has a powerful effect not only on community, but also individuality and connection to nature. Something opens and changes in people when they make the journey from land to island. It has certainly brought my yoga practice into clearer focus, and deepened my sense of belonging to Door County, WI, where my grandparents settled so long ago. I’ve also seen the “island effect” manifest in many of my students - that sense of being held by the practice in new and more fluid ways.

A: What about the Island is so special that made you want to host a yoga retreat there?

M: It takes time to reach Washington Island - exactly how a journey should be! And after experiencing all the commotion and activity on the Door Peninsula, people are always surprised to find that the Island is primarily rural, and so peaceful. With the reopening of the historic Hotel Washington and the newly renovated Studio, what has always a great yoga environment just got soooo much better. 

A: What kind of weather and environment can students expect on Washington Island over the Summer Solstice?

M: June weather can be chilly in the evenings, so yogis should come prepared for refreshingly cool conditions. I’d say prepare for anything as much as possible, and we’ll hope for sun-kissed days and perfect sleeping nights. :)

A: What is the yoga scene like in Washington Island and Door county in general, what can traveling yogis from Amara expect from the other participants?

M: Washington Island yogis are a hearty group that enjoy an both a breath-centered, moderately-paced flow as well as a slower, strength-building style of vinyasa. We regularly practice a wide range of poses, though don’t often venture into the land of advanced inversions and arm balances. Modifications for both more and less advanced versions of postures are routinely offered though, so yogis can find their way into a satisfying experience. The yoga scene in rest of Door County varies widely, but new studios and teachers pop up often, so there’s lots to choose from. Two established studios are Junction Center Yoga outside Egg Harbor and Stone Path Yoga, near Sister Bay.

A: What do you wish to offer to students during this special yoga retreat?

M: My wish for Summer Solstice Retreat students is that they feel challenged, enriched and changed by not only their time on the mat and in the Studio, but by the Island itself. The Island  will certainly be enriched by the presence of each and every one of them!

AuthorTheresa Brandabur