We have another complimentary yoga class for you all this Saturday from 8-9pm! Our next yoga teacher training graduate, Kristina Reese will be teaching the class. Scroll down to learn a little more about her ytt experience. 

1. What inspired you to make the decision to get your certification? 

I did my first teacher training in 2011 and had been teaching since, but always hoped to complete my 200hr. The Amara weekend program was a perfectly placed and perfectly timed opportunity. The community immediately drew me in and I was ready to take my teaching and personal practice to a deeper level, specifically the study of anatomy, yoga philosophy, and offering hands-on assists.

2. What surprised you the most about this program?

I was pleasantly surprised and inspired by the diversity of the group. Each of the trainees brought a distinct style, background, and expertise that couldn’t have been planned. It was an amazing and invaluable experience to learn from my peers both on and off the mat.

3. What have you learned about yourself?

This training has really taught me that where I put my time, effort, and love—that is where my life will head. Corrie referenced a great story about ‘putting the big stones in first’ that what we truly value needs to be given that space from the jump, otherwise, all the little things will fill in that space we thought we had. As I’ve committed more energy to yoga, it has definitely come to the forefront, which is exciting, and I hope to keep it as an important portion of my life.

4. What’s the most impactful piece you have taken away from this program?

This program has reminded me of the value of patience. That I need to be patient with myself as I learn and work through hard things mentally and physically, and just as importantly honoring the need for rest and time to regroup. I also need to be patient with those around me, realized that when I am not it is a direct reflection of how I’m treating myself. I hope to instill this value of patience through my teaching, encouraging students to be patient with their bodies in their practice and patient in other areas of their life.

5. Any plans on how you might like to use your Yoga Alliance 200hr certification?

While I will continue with my current weekly classes around the CU area, I'm excited to have officially joined the Amara teaching family and am leading classes a couple times a week!

AuthorTheresa Brandabur