This Sunday, Chenchen will be teaching her yoga teacher training debut class! The class will begin at 8pm and we could not be more excited for her. We hope to see you there!

Keep scrolling to learn a little more about Chenchen. 

1. What inspired you to make the decision to get your certification?

Initially, I just want to deepen my practice and know more about yoga. Of course it would be great if I end up teaching somewhere. I do want to teach. 

2. What surprised you the most about this program?

There is more information that I learned than I expected. The width and depth of yoga philosophy, history, anatomy, and thing of being a teacher surprised me. The course definitely prepared me to be a teacher. 

3. What have you learned about yourself?

As a practitioner, I learned why I am doing this pose, so I care less about how I present to other people but listen to my inner body. As the training going on, I also find my interest and confidence in teaching. 

4. What’s the most impactful piece you have taken away from this program?

Just listen to yourself. Accept the body and mind difference, be grateful. Also the support and friendship from everyone in class!

5. Any plans on how you might like to use your Yoga Alliance 200hr certification?

Find somewhere to teach yoga, maybe starting from community class, unpaid, once a month or once a week. Once I build up my teaching experience, then I can be a part time yoga teacher. What I really want to do is to share the western idea of yoga once I go back to china, maybe in years when I move back to China. It’s really exiting to learn what other yogis think about yoga in another side of world.

AuthorTheresa Brandabur