1. What inspired you to make the decision to get your certification?

I made the decision to get my yoga certification so I could get a deeper understanding of not only the yoga postures, but as well as the more meditative side of yoga. Additionally, I am already a teacher in another realm so it just made sense for me.

2. What surprised you the most about this program?

The fact that the program has so much emphasis on body mechanics, awareness, alignment, and anatomy surprised me--in a good way. I am happy to learn all of these critical aspects of yoga that alert me on how to do the postures safely, and also how to translate that message to my future students.

3. What have you learned about yourself?

I have learned that I can meditate. It was something that I was not necessarily against, but I felt that it was not something that I could do. However, through this program I have found how meditation works for me and I enjoy incorporating it into my practice.

4. What’s the most impactful piece you have taken away from this program?

This program has allowed me to be happier with myself and my body. It has taught me that yoga truly is a journey and that my body can change day-by-day. This translates to a greater ability to listen to my body and its needs, rather than being concerned with what I want my body to do. 

5. Any plans on how you might like to use your Yoga Alliance 200hr certification?

I hope to find a yoga studio where I can teach during the summer. After summer, I will be relocating to Krakow, Poland. Before I consider teaching in Poland, I will have to take some classes first to get used to how they are taught. I hope that I can continue teaching in Poland. I also enjoy community yoga and it would be nice to continue working in that area as I go forward with my yoga career.

AuthorTheresa Brandabur