Our last YTT debut class of the Fall 2014/Spring2015 cohort has arrived! We can't believe how fast time flies. Rachel will be teaching her debut class May 30 from 6-7pm. 

1. What inspired you to make the decision to get your certification?

Yoga has been such a beautiful part of my life the last seven years, and I wanted to learn more about this practice because I truly find all aspects of yoga to be incredibly fascinating- the history, the language, the philosophy, the postures, the anatomy, all of it!  And further, for the last couple years, I’ve consistently been approached by friends and family asking me to teach them yoga, so I decided I wanted to dive into this experience and learn how to teach.

2. What surprised you the most about this program?

The depth of knowledge that is possessed by my teachers- they really are incredible

 3. What have you learned about yourself?

Generally, that I can capable of handling a lot more than I ever believed I could!  But more specifically, I discovered in me a deep desire to learn about the human body and how it moves, how everything works together, and what the role of yoga is in creating the space to move and settle into different situations with ease and a sense of purpose within the body and mind.

 4. What’s the most impactful piece you have taken away from this program?

I think what has impacted me the most is this idea that yoga can look so many different ways—you don’t have to practice two hours of asana and an hour of meditation and pranayama every morning to be a yogi and live a lifestyle that is rooted in compassion, non-harming, and self-care.  Yoga can be what you need it to be and that may [and probably will!] look many different ways as you go through different times during your life, and even from day to day.  We are all so busy and it can be really challenging to take time to take care of our bodies, but through this program I developed this ability to start listening to my body and noticing what my body needs to feel really good.  We all deserve that—feeling safe, loved, and nourished in our bodies.  

 5. Any plans on how you might like to use your Yoga Alliance 200hr certification?

 Firstly, I am so excited to further my education in yoga, specifically I want to focus on anatomy and yoga as a supplementary therapy for physical pain, prenatal yoga, Ashtanga yoga, and trauma-sensitive yoga.  But also…I want to teach yoga!  I love teaching.  Yoga is my passion and I would be thrilled to be a part of someone’s journey and to be able to share my passion with others. 

AuthorDebra Domal