Crystal will be teaching this Friday from 7-8pm. Don't forget that YTT debut classes are free! She is a wonderful teacher and always creates a safe atmosphere for her students. She will be moving to Colorado early July so take advantage of the opportunity to take a class from her!

1.     What inspired you to make the decision to get your certification?

I started to really explore yoga at a very transitional time in my life. Having been diagnosed with PTSD in 2006 after my time in the military and two herniated discs in my back and neck in 2010, I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2013 and decided I needed to be better to myself. Living in constant pain is not only hard on my body, but definitely my emotional and spiritual well-being. I decided to try yoga and the journey has been the best decision in my life. Along my journey, I have gained self-love which then turns into love for others. This is the reason I decided to get my certification. I want to share the experience of yoga with others and allow them the opportunity to experience their own transformations in a new and different way.

2. What have you learned about yourself?

Because this is an intensive 5 week program, my body has been tested further than I thought possible. When all around me has fallen, I still have my inner being to rely on. While I may not feel physically strong, I have learned to tap into my spiritual being and allow myself to be cared for by the universe, the unspoken gifts. The best gift I have received during this training has been an elderly couple that I walk by daily with my dog. While they do not know me, they smile and wave to me and share their love in that way. Their kindness has been my strength on a few very trying days.

3. Any plans on how you might like to use your Yoga Alliance 200hr certification?

I am moving to Colorado next week and will create opportunities to share my love of yoga. Because I invest so much energy into each student I encounter, I would love to work with individuals or small groups. With my background in and love for team sports, I will actively pursue finding a space in the collegiate/professional sports arena. My mantra for 2015 is, “I am open”. 

AuthorDebra Domal