New Student Guide


How do I pick a class?  

If you are new to yoga we recommend you start with a class that is indicated as for beginners, fundamentals, gentle, or slow flow. Our Yoga Basics for Beginners classes are designed for beginners. If you are already physically active and you have a sense of adventure (and a sense of humor) you are welcome to attend any class. Just let the instructor know that you are new. You can see our class schedule online here.

What should I wear?

Wear something comfortable and stretchy - not too bulky - layers are good. It's best if tops are either fitted or can be tucked in so they won't ride up as you move.

What should I bring?

We have all the equipment you need for your practice. A closed-top water bottle and a towel are a good idea, especially for our hot yoga classes. Bring your own mat, but if you forget one or are new to the studio have loaner mats available for no charge.

Anything else I should know?

  • Arrive 15 minutes early to your first class so we can show you around and get you signed in.

  • No cell phones in the practice studio.

  • Take your shoes off upon entering and place under benches or on shelves at front entry.

  • Please arrive in plenty of time to sign in at the front desk and get your mat set up before class. No late entries to hot flow, yin or crowded classes! If you register online you need to sign in at the desk 10 minutes before the class start time or your spot will be given to other students.

  • If you arrive before the previous class has finished, please observe silence. As you settle on your mat before class, please maintain the peaceful atmosphere with silence.

  • Inform the teacher before class if you are pregnant, have any injuries or health concerns that may require special attention.

  • Practice at your own level: if you need a rest you can always go into child's pose. If some of the poses are too challenging or if something doesn't feel right, it is fine to take a more basic variation of a pose.

Do I have to preregister? 

You do not need to preregister, but it does save time during check-in when you do. You still need to sign in at the desk even if you preregister. You need to arrive 10 minutes before the class start time or your spot will be given to students waiting to get into the class who didn’t preregister. If you preregister and can’t make it - please take yourself out of the class online so there is space for other students. If you are no show you will be removed from the roster by the desk staff - no need to email the studio. All of our regular classes are drop-in and you can attend any class you like. See our class schedule here.

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