All of us at Amara Yoga & Arts would like to extend our appreciation to our yoga community for your commitment to enhancing your life through yoga classes at Amara Yoga & Arts. In order to maintain harmony and to preserve the environment, we ask that you read and abide by the following policies:

Yoga Etiquette

We ask that you observe the following basic rules of etiquette at the studio.
  • Please arrive in plenty of time to sign in at the front desk and get your mat set up before class. If you arrive during a quiet moment such as the invocation please wait outside until you see movement and slip in quietly.
  • Turn off cell phones, pagers and watch alarms when you arrive at the studio.
  • If you arrive before the previous class has finished, please observe silence.
  • As you settle on your mat before class, please maintain the peaceful atmosphere with silence or talk quietly.
  • Please remove your shoes and leave them outside of the studio.
  • Inform the teacher before class if you are pregnant, have any injuries or health concerns that may require special attention.
  • Inform the teacher if you would rather not receive 'hands on' adjustments.
  • Please do not wear heavy fragrance to class.
  • If you need to leave early, please leave before Savasana so as not to disrupt other students.
  • Practice at your own level: if you need a rest you always have the option of child's pose. If some of the poses are too challenging or if something doesn't feel right, take a more basic variation of a pose.
  • Photos/videos are not allowed during class.


See our rates page for details. Rates are subject to change at any time.

No Refunds

Amara does not offer refunds for purchases. Please note the expiration of your pass. Classes, passes, and memberships are non-transferable (they cannot be shared or transferred to another person). Memberships require a contract. Unused merchandise may be returned in its original packaging within 14 days of purchase with a receipt for exchange or Amara account credit.


Amara accepts cash, personal checks and credit cards (visa/mastercard/amex/discover). Payment is due prior to class. Unpaid yoga classes and workshops, after two (2) days from day of unpaid visit, will be reconciled automatically from the credit/debit card stored on file at the rate of $12 per class. An electronic receipt will be sent to the email address on file. Membership fees may be paid through automatic payments made through either a credit card or a bank account. A $20 charge will automatically be assessed to accounts for each E.F.T. transaction returned as non-sufficient funds/failure. A fee of $20 will be charged for returned checks.

Cancellation Policy/Terms & Agreements

Private Appointments: Your private session time and the teacher's time is reserved for you. Cancellations must be made more than 24 hours in advance by email to the teacher via his/her email and the studio at info@amarayoga.com (no phone calls). If a private session is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the session, and for "no shows", the fee will be charged in full. Amara does not offer refunds on private yoga sessions.

Classes: If you are unable to attend a regularly scheduled class that you signed up for online, you will be cancelled out when you do not show up and if you paid online, your fee will remain on your account where it will automatically pay for your next class. Amara does not offer refunds on classes.

Workshops/Special Events: Amara does not offer refunds for workshops. A 48-hour cancellation notice via email at info@amarayoga.com (no phone calls) is required for you to receive a credit on your Amara account, minus a $10 handling fee. Less than 48-hour notifications and no-shows will be charged the full fee.


You are welcome to bring water or tea into the studio. Please clean up spills promptly to preserve our cork floor and to prevent someone from slipping.

Mat Storage

Mat storage is available only to students who have signed up for an annual membership (or 6, 9, or 12 month student/military memberships). Mats must be labeled with the owner's name or they will be removed. We are not responsible for missing mats. Mats should be cleaned on a regular basis and can simply be hand-washed in warm water with mild soap, rinsed thoroughly and hung dry.

Studio Mats/Props

Students are welcome to use our studio mats and props at no charge. These can be found by the front door (note: do not use our member mats stored by the dressing rooms and in the back room!). Please wipe down your mat with provided disinfecting wipes after use. Note: We periodically clean our studio mats with hot water, mild detergent and bleach, the blocks with alcohol solution, and we wash the blankets with mild detergent. However, we can't guarantee the cleanliness of our studio equipment. If you practice regularly we strongly recommend that you obtain your own mat. Note that you can purchase mats and props at our studio boutique before or after class.

Lost and Found

We keep all found items in studio for one week. We are not responsible for lost articles. If you bring valuables into the studio you may bring them into the studio with you or put them by the changing rooms. Do not leave them by the front door.


Children ages 4-11 are welcome to attend our kids yoga classes (and our other kids programs!). Children 9 – 12 may attend regular yoga classes for $6 per class with a parent or legal guardian with the teacher's permission as long as they are not disruptive to the class. Children 13 and over may attend at the regular class rate ($12 online/$14 at the studio). They must participate in class and may not bring distracting items such as video games or color books inside the studio. Children are not allowed to stay in the lobby while their parents attend class.


We do not allow observers in our classes, and photos and videos are not permitted in the studio.