An amazing yoga community has grown here at the studio. Read what others have to say about their yoga journey at Amara.

"Amara has been a haven of quiet, simple beauty, and community for me this semester. There are times when I've come to Amara after being surrounded by judgment, stress, and one-track academic-minded folks all day where I feel nameless and unknown in a sea of students. But as soon as I walk into Amara, it feels like I've stepped into a quiet garden filled with friends who know me by name and offer me an hour of meditative movement and a cup of warm tea afterward. I am so grateful for that."

– Jenny Goodwine

"I knew yoga was good for you but I didn't expect that I would love it so much. I've increased my physical strength and regained my flexibility, and I've learned ways to achieve calmness through my breath. I also credit yoga for making me more courageous and for meeting personal goals. The Amara yoga teachers are so friendly and loving and thoughtful in their practice. They create environments of play, support, and relaxation. And they bring attention to the mind-body-spirit connection in each class."

– Holly Rushakoff

"Yoga has turned my life right side up! The Amara "community" is fantastic. The teachers staff and students are a joy to be around. Support, compassion, encouragement and challenge are plentiful. I feel comfortable and secure at the studio surrounded by some awesome seekers. Thanks to everyone associated with Amara for helping me find my path. Namaste "

– Jim R.

"I'm so glad that my friends introduced me to yoga, especially at Amara. All of the instructors are amazing! It's such a welcoming atmosphere."

– Susan M.

"I love Amara! The teachers and staff are wonderful. Thank you!"

– Julie Sweet

"Because of Amara, I have regained strength (post-pregnancy), had bonding time with my baby, and restored my love for yoga."

– Rachel Edwards

"Life is easier with Yoga... I am a better person in a body that feels a lot better!"

– Wiebke T.

"Yoga has gotten me through a very difficult year in my life. It has made me stronger both physically and mentally/emotionally and definitely fueled my overall growth as a person. I value and look forward to my practice and to my time at Amara. I don't know where I would be without yoga in my life and I know I would not be as strong and confident as I am today. I recommend yoga and Amara to most of my friends and the people I know!"

– Lindsay D.

"Yoga has helped me in all aspects of living well. I'm calmer and more present with my children, my spouse and in my work. I believe yoga gives me more energy and helps me sleep better."

– Lisa Haake

"Being able to practice yoga a couple of times a week during my lunch hour, along with commuting to work by bicycle, has made me stronger and healthier in body and spirit! Thanks to the fantastic lunch hour yoga teachers at Amara!"

– Rebecca Bird

"Amara Yoga Studio is wonderful! It is a great place to grow and develop your practice."

– Suzanne Gray

"I love the classes at Amara. The people are very friendly. It's nice to come to a place where people share the same interests as me."

– Lisa H.

"This year, coming to Amara almost everyday really helped me relieve my stress while reenergizing myself as I was working on my dissertation, searching for jobs and dealing with stressful issues."

– Audrey E.

"I was taking Amara classes until four days before I went into labor. Yoga was a big part of having a healthy, comfortable pregnancy for me and I appreciate the Amara teachers who helped me along the way."

– Michael Parrish

"I really love everything about my experience at Amara. I am glad all of the classes are a mix of male/female, young/old etc."

– Kathy Aplington

"I'm very glad I chose your studio. I like the 10-class passes. I don't feel pressured to attend more often than I want to and all the teachers are very nice. Physically, I feel much better now than when I started Yoga. I'm getting into the swing of it slowly but surely. "

– Curt B.

"Great space, great community, good vibes. Makes my day! Has helped with grief, helps me deal with stress, definitely improved my health, especially in my joints. Feel calmer, more peaceful, happier when I leave Amara."

– Debra Erikson

"Yoga at Amara has been an incredibly life-changing experience for me. Yoga has become a critical method of self-care for me in times of stress, and Amara was the perfect judgment-free atmosphere to begin!"

– Aubree Henderson

"Amara is warm & unpretentious with very talented teachers. I love the art & the space you've created. The focus is on our own individual needs and comfort level & not on driving us toward athletic perfection. It's rigorous but not demanding and makes me feel good about myself, easier on myself, more intentional about wellness and being centered. And yes I do feel many benefits:
- Calmer, more centered state of mind
- Much less pain in my neck, lower back and hips
- It has helped with my difficulty sleeping and lessened my anxiety "

– Carol Inskeep

"As a full-time graduate student who also works 30 hours a week, regular yoga practice is pretty much the only thing that keeps me sane. I've been practicing regularly for 3 years now and it's improved both my mental and physical health. The teachers at Amara are particularly great at offering challenging yet calming classes."

– Andrea T.

"I always feel relaxed and happy after yoga. That's great for my type "A" personality."

– Peggy H.

"Since I have been a member of Amara, I have noticed a marked increase in my flexibility and strength--something I need in my job as a nurse midwife! My frequent neck and shoulder pain has also gotten much better."

– Ellen Solis

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