Heather Seagraves

Heather Seagraves is a 500hr certified Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer at YogaWorks in New York. She is also a massage therapist, and professional dancer. She began practicing yoga in 1996 and has been teaching movement and dance for over 16 years. As a mover, shaker, and lover of philosophy and the arts, Heather seeks to find the authentic vision that lies within each of us. She has a specialty of working with young kids and teens as well as people with injuries. Heather has a passion for teaching dancers, aspiring yoga teachers, and students who yearn to deepen their practice through truth, growth, and knowledge. She has taught as an adjunct dance professor at Georgia College & State University and is currently teaching at Central Connecticut State University. In Heather's yoga classes, she combines her love of movement, creativity, and anatomy to bring clear and concise awareness to the body. Focus on alignment and the breath is paired with a challenging yet well-paced vinyasa. Her playful and compassionate approach to yoga blends rigor of asana, self-reflection, and exploration of philosophy while encouraging her students to find their own unique path to a continually evolving practice. Heather has been featured in Time-Out New York, Fox News, Well+Good NYC, Vogue Korea, and The Traveller Korea. Heather loves her plants, collecting rocks, photography, and ceramics.


YogaWorks Trainer Heather Seagraves

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See what Heather's trainees have to say about her:

"Going through the 200-hour Intensive YogaWorks Teacher Training in Washington DC with Heather Seagraves far exceeded my expectations. Not only did Heather have extensive knowledge about anatomy, physiology, yoga asana, and teaching but she led us through an intense, alignment based, graceful yoga practice infused with yogi like philosophical touches that forced us gently into ourselves and onto our mats more deeply and in a self-reflective nature. Heather brought a refreshing seasoned approach to teaching and sharing her knowledge, love, and passion for yoga. Her passion translated into every thought, word, and action in every part of our training and it was uplifting and empowering. She was able to lead us all deep inside to find a place of strength and love while learning the intricate parts to each pose and how to design a sequenced class with purpose. This yoga training was a catalyst for my personal and professional transformation. I am so happy that I chose to do my teacher training with YogaWorks while having the pleasure to learn from such a graceful and passionate teacher."

– Tanya L. Colucci, M.S, NASM-CPT, LMT

"Heather is an amazing instructor and a special soul. She not only taught me (and my fellow teacher trainees) the asana points, philosophy and Yoga Works Style, but she also helped create a safe space where we could grow & learn. I am grateful to Heather for creating a nurturing environment and for holding the container so that we could develop both as individuals and as practitioners.Her passion for teaching shines through in the care she takes with her students and with the material. I am motivated and inspired by Heather's love of yoga, her dedication to teaching, and perhaps above all her by her compassion for her students."

– Elizabeth Muniot, 200hr YW TT Alum, 300hr Trainee

"Heather is a natural and gifted teacher because she teaches from within -- from where she is on her own path. This makes her teachings full of honesty, humility, and grace, and as her student I've felt safe to go to those vulnerable places on and off my mat."

– Kristen Cortiglia DC 200hr TT Alumni