"What we strive for when experiencing art and yoga is complete immersion in the present moment, and in that moment we can find a sense of peace, calm, clarity, and ultimately bliss."

– Theresa and Kathryn


We believe that everyone can reap the benefits of yoga - a quiet mind, reduced stress, improved health. With a yoga practice you will build strength, flexibility and balance. We offer daily yoga classes on a drop-in basis in a variety of styles and at varying levels of intensity for people of all ages and levels of experience.

Let go of stress and lose yourself in our yoga classes, which blend meditation with breathing and movement to create a total mind body experience. Our teachers offer variations that allow you to practice at a level that is right for you. In addition, we offer yoga, movement and art programming for children.

All of our regular classes are drop-in so you can start any time. We have changing rooms, and mats and props are available at no charge. Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing. Parking is convenient, plentiful, and always free. You can see our schedule and sign up online or at the studio before class.